Modern Debt Concept

The Modern Debt Concept is built on three pillars:

Accessibility: We aim to lowering the barriers for companies in the online booking to collect overdue commission invoices. We are aware of the strong needs in the hospitality sector to overcome big hurdles when it comes to investing any time and/or money in collecting low amount invoices. With the Modern Debt concept we strive to enable any travel organisations to start using international debt collection services

Technology: Modern Debt International was established with one of its main goals being to bring a revolution to the collections industry. Our Collection Management System has been established with next level cloud technologies built on Salesforce (the world’s leading CRM/CMS platform). We believe the future of debt collection is in the efficiency gains which can be attained in automation and communication.

Bridge Function: We see it as our task to make sure our clients can easily reach out to any hotel all around the world. We work with clients in many different countries, and they have to collect invoices from hotels all over the world. Our Collections System is provided to our clients in their own language so all information on the assigned cases and collection procedures can easily be understood. Debt collection procedures are currently offered in 121 counties, in 35 languages.


Modern Debt Concept