ARM Management

Modern Debt International is offering Full Account Receivables Management services. We understand the difficulties experienced by companies engaged in international trade when it comes to payment discipline. Therefore our ARM package is foremost aimed at preventing invoices getting overdue. We facilitate the entire process of getting paid for earned commissions and to enforce its payment in an amicable and respectful, yet effective manner.

1. Invoicing Services –  This entails the entire process of the issuance of invoices, ensuring they are drafted in a correct and professional way, being addressed correctly and well received at your clients by email, fax and postal service.

2. Reminder Process – This included the actual follow up and monitoring of compliance of the hotels’ payment obligations i.e. the sending of reminders on certain timeframes before an invoice its expiration date.

3. Debt Collection - We will start our debt collections procedure from the very first day an invoice gets overdue. Hereby the risk on invoices not getting paid at all is limited. Also, in this way you will show the hotel you are serious about payment discipline.

4. Dispute Mediation – It happens often that a hotel disputes some of the bookings on an invoice. Depending on the order of desired invoice amendments, these can be accepted or not. These situations always necessitate a certain level of mediation and not rarely are solved by negotiating an appropriate settlement.

5. Self Service - With full access to the Modern Debt CMS you will have the options to submit changes to existing claims and invoices, to upload new invoices, or to register incoming payments. All of this can be automated via API.

ARM Management