Self Service Collections System

Did you ever wonder what the exact added value of a debt collections firm is? And if any of the steps they take within their proceedings couldn’t just as well be employed by yourself?

Take your debt collections efforts in own hands!

As an international collections specialist Modern Debt starts offering an entire new service, a Self-Service Collections System. This system has been developed by Modern Debt in the course of the past 5 years. With it your firm will be able to profit from all advantages of a regular collections firm, but you eventually won’t pay commission fees, and you stay in control of the process where necessary. This innovative service system is particulary interesting for those companies which:

  • Do not have any in-house remindertrajectory for unpaid invoices or no payment discipline policy
  • Do not want to outsource the collection of receivables for commercial or practical reasons.
  • Have a natural distrust for collection firms and/or do not want their firm to be associated wit hit.


By using the our Self Service Collections Systtem, you can now start your own collections procedure whenever you see fit. You can start the process of sending letters, intervenen or pause it when necessay, and stop it upon payment.

We deliver the full package as below with CRM Salesforce basisfunctionality including our collections procedure, its content you can partially tailor according to your own preferences.

  • Three standardised dunning letters with several interim reminders.
  • Automatically generated and sent by email and,n PDF for additional sending by postal service.
  • Letters in English with optional extension into 35 languages.
  • Company letterhead with option to add Modern Debt Logo as collections partner.
  • Adding interest calculations and other extra fees e.g. late payment fees.
  • Determining payment terms and timespan between dunning letters.
  • Possible to make changes to intonation and strictness.
  • Email communications module for keeping logs of all correspondence.
  • Implementation of online payment module for accepting credit card/paypal/bitcoin payments


For a one-off standard price of EUR 999 we will implement the Self-Service Collections System within 7 days after your request. After finalising the implementation we will give a short general introduction course and explain in detail how e.g. to register a new case. Furthermore we will provide 6 months free support and remain available to make necessary adaptations or add-ons according to your needs.