Late Payment Register

This is the intro page of the Modern Debt Late Payment Register. This register is being managed by Modern Debt International (MDI) and contains basic information on recurring delinquent companies.

The register is not public and only available to our existing clients. It has as sole purpose to prevent our clients from engaging into risky commercial transactions and should be considered as a mere service. New clients do have to apply become a member and pay an administration fee to get access to the database.

It does not show any information on employees, correspondence, or any other sensitive information exposing private individuals related to the debtor entity. Any debtor company becomes listed as delinquent company in the register when the following two criteria are met:

1. It has been part to a debt conflict on which MDI has been assigned upon, with a legitimate claim and supported by sufficient documental evidence.

2. It has not been capable of, or not willing to repay its debt to our client, or when more than two claims are being received by MDI against the same company within the timespan of a year.

A delinquent company can only be delisted upon submitting proof of full payment to MDI or upon specific request by a creditor.

To apply for entrance please contact us via
lpr@modern-debt.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.