Modern Debt Case Management System

salesforceModern Debt International has developed a case management system purely tailored on effective debt collection and risk management. This revolutionary system makes use of cloud-computing and is based on the renown (Salesforce©) technology. The development of the system started end 2011 and and a first trial was issued in April 2012. Currently it is being licensed to all our MDI partners, and many of our clients. We have created a genuine revolution in the world of debt collection. The automation of entire accounts receivable processes, from the creating of invoices, the sending of reminders and demands, to the start of a debt collection procedure, has proven to lead to an astonishing increase in cashflows.


Administration: Easy administration of cases via import (and export) of unlimited variables (financial details, debtor/creditor/client details, debt origins). Clients can submit their own files via online submit forms which are automatically administered in the CMS. Efficient administration of clients, debtors (creditors), and partners via individual accounts.

– Document Keeping: Fast and unlimited uploading of supporting documents to individual cases, accounts, or globally into the system. Easily attached to any email or included PDF documents. All the assigned invoices are readily available and easy to download for partners, clients and debtors.

– Document Automation: One-click automated creation and sending of (unlimited nr) of pre-defined letters (e.g. demand Letters, reminders, invoices, client updates etc.) in a pre-selectable format .pdf or .docx in various languages. All dunning letters sent per case can be downloaded in PDF format.

– Communication & Interaction: Simplified communication with one-click emailing and phoning, with automatic logging of every action. All our clients are provided access and can view all case information and actions taken on all claims ever assigned. Clients can intervene during a procedure, correct invoices, suspend actions, or instantly close a case. The system will automatically register incoming payments, and clients can submit direct payments.

– Reporting & Updating: Easy to create full reports per timespan, per case, per client, per debtor etc. Clients can be updated with one click in which they will be emailed a report including with pre-selectable variables.

Modern Debt Case Management System