Modern Debt Group

Modern Debt International has established an international collections network through which we are able to provide our recovery services in over 100 countries worldwide. The MDI head office is monitoring performance of all our liaison offices and all actions are logged on our online platform. In this way our clients can register their unpaid invoices in one central place and do not have to maintain contact with many different agencies all around the world. The following sums up the direct benefits which this type of organisation has to any company operating internationally.

  • No need to deal with different collection agencies in different countries.
  • One central organisation for managing the collecting of your invoices in many different countries worldwide.
  • No need to enter into agreements with individual law firms or collection firms in foreign countries.
  • Access to our online collections platform (the MDCMS) administering all your overdue invoices in one central place.
  • One single contact person assigned to manage your account, and to whom all questions can be addressed.
  • Our local agents / liaison offices are in direct vicinity of debtor and can engage the hotels in its native language.
  • We monitor all actions taken by our liaison offices and thereby guaranteeing quality of service and allegiance to industry standards.

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