Why leaving it up to us?

What are the most important reasons why our clients let us collect their bad debts:

  • MOST IMPORTANT: No Cure No Pay!

    Prevent high lawyer fees, and only pay us when we have successfully recovered your debt.

  • Expedite your payments but preserve a client relationship.

    Convey to your clients you are serious about timely payment but at the same time show professionalism.

  • If a debt conflict is in deadlock, a neutral party is needed to break it open!

    Due to emotional involvement negotiations can get stuck. We persuade through skilled negotiation

  • Save time and frustration on in-house collections.

    Running an in-house collections department can be very time consuming and costly.

  • No time-consuming legal enforcement proceedings (global average 2,5 years).

    Our amicable collection processes takes up to a guaranteed maximum of 3 months.

  • We send all our letters in debtor language (35 languages)

    Our standard dunning letters (4 in total) are optimised throughout the years to sort the desired effect.

  • We work with native collection agents communicating with debtor.

    When confronted with a debt in own language a debtor is inclined to take it more serious.

  • Avoid administrative burden on foreign lawyers/Courts.

    We do not require abundant official documents (notary, official translations etc.) in order to start a collections procedure.

  • Flexibility to intervene in collection proceedings.

    You can track all our activities online, and at any time request specific action or change of approach.