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Why a specialist DCA is needed for the hospitality sector

Why are we needed?

The online booking sector is not a standard business sector. The largest travel agents (HRS, etc.) are dealing with over 400.000 hotels signed up to its booking portal. There is a high volume of daily financial transactions with hotels worldwide. Despite the growth of payment processors (Pegasus, Onyx etc.) automating the commission payments, many relatively small invoices remain unpaid. Collecting these bills can be a very inefficient and cumbersome process due to communication, administrative, and language issues at the hotels.

The most commonly experienced problems relate to commission invoices remaining unpaid, or advance fees paid to a hotel not materializing. We are very well accustomed with the obstacles and complaints issued by the hotels which are causing late payment: e.g. invoice corrections due to guest no-shows, contractual disputes about commission rates, or misunderstood agreements on corporate programs. 


Our clients want to have the ease of escalating these invoices without having too resort to all the trouble assigning local law firms. Our international debt collection procedures are tailored to tackle these issues.

We can process these invoices easily and create collection cases on high volume on a daily basis. We do for example have dunning letters available in over 30 languages, with up to 4 letters in the escalation process. In case your organizations accounting systems offer an API connection we can automate the entire process and connect to our case management system.

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