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Since 2012 Modern Debt International is the trusted and valued collections partner for several large online travel agencies (OTAs). Our entire procedural infrastructure is based on the collection of e.g. overdue commissions invoices and outstanding balances from hotels and other companies in the hospitality sector. We have recovered funds in more than 130 countries worldwide. All our dunning letters are readily available in 35 languages and, we can rely upon the support of a strong network of local collection agents.


The online booking sector is not a standard business sector. The largest travel agents (HRS, etc.) are dealing with over 500.000 hotels signed up to its booking portal. There is a high volume of daily financial transactions with hotels in literally any place in world. Despite the growth of payment processors (Pegasus, Onyx etc.) automating the commission payments, many relatively small invoices remain unpaid. Collecting these bills can be a very inefficient and cumbersome process due to communication, administrative, and language issues at the hotels. This is where Modern Debt International comes into play.

Find out HERE the most important reasons why our clients need us.

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