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The Modern Debt approach: 
what makes us stand out

Start-up & Processing

Upon case receipt, we meticulously verify debtor contacts and invoice details. All these are logged and registered in our online case portal. An initial first 'Debt Notification Letter' is dispatched. This informs the debtor of our assignment with a 14-day settlement window. Feel free to ask for an example

Reminders & Mediation

Over the next two months, we send up to 4 tailored dunning letters in 35 languages. Upon debtor response, mediation begins, addressing disputes and discussing repayment options. All interactions are logged and available to our clients. Once debtors fail to respond to our contact attempts, we request for local backup by one of our vetted agents.

Local Experienced Agents

Our network of local agents ensures effective debt collection on the ground. Proficient in regional nuances, they communicate with debtors in their native language, streamlining the process. When needed, our agents conduct on-site visits, adding a personal touch to debt recovery. Local assignment is included in our collections service

Legal Services & Enforcement

Our international network possesses a

a wealth of legal experience, enabling us to navigate different legal landscapes. We can initiatie enforcement across borders assisted by local law firms where skilled will leverage their expertise and explore every available legal avenue, ensuring the owed funds have the best change at recovery. 

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