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Debt Collection for Hospitality

Modern Debt International has been the trusted collections partner for several major Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) for years now. We have specialised in recovering overdue commission invoices and other bills from hotels in over 130 countries. With dunning letters available in 35 languages, a global network of local collection agents, and a tailored approach we distinguish ourselves from regular collection businesses.


Throughout the years Modern Debt International has gained a profound understanding of the payment challenges faced by hotels. We have deep knowledge of different business models employed by OTAs and the difficulties coming with it regarding payments. This expertise allows us to employ effective methods for collecting outstanding balances within the hospitality sector at large.

We have furthermore compiled a large database of contact persons within the accounts payable and finance departments. Most of the delinquent hotels are familiar with Modern Debt and our working methods. If they hear from us that is usually a bad sign for them and an urgent push to start taking action.


For our clients we are a last resort, but often for hotels, a final chance to get back in global business.

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