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International Legal services


Our specialised legal services can support you in all sorts of commercial matters worldwide. Whether you are dealing with simple unpaid invoices, or any other complex contractual disputes, we can provide the expertise and experience needed to meet your legal challenges. We understand the complexities of international law and work closely with our global partners to successfully collect your claims abroad.


Once a decision is taken to recover a debt via the Court, we will assign one of our local agencies in the jurisdiction of a debtor. This is either a partnered law firm or a vetted attorney. They will advise you on the specific local/national aspects of a case like contractual issues, administrative requirements and overall feasibility of a lawsuit before going to Court. 

It is important to realise that legal proceedings can be a lengthy and cumbersome process with an unsure outcome. It is always advisable to first explore all our pre-legal options.

Important to notice before taking a case Court 










Need more info

In need of further info or support? 



Exhaust all amicable options
Make sure to explore all ways to collect a debt out-of-Court. Our pre-legal debt collection process is specifically designed to avoid legal proceedings 


Make an informed decision

The final decision is yours. Realise it can be a lengthy and costly proces with no guarantees. Weigh all pros and cons, and ask us for final advice and a quote.


Starting up a legal process

Gather all available documental evidence, arrange for administrative requirements and let us take it from there. 


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