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The Modern Debt Approach

This is why we currently stand out in the industry

Salesforce Case Management: We have developed a Salesforce ©-based case management system (CMS) which is unique and highly valued in the collections industry. It allows us to operate with greatest professionalism and attain unprecedented high success rates in debt collection.

Modern Communication: we make sure debtors receive accurate daily updated information in their own language, and by all possible means of communication. Debtors are engaged by email, fax, sms, postal services, collection calls. Our clients can communicate with all different agents responsible for their claims and intervene in collection proceedings.

Document Automation: our CMS daily prints hundreds of letters all tailor-made and based on many different variables as e.g. country and language of debtor, actual stage of collections procedure, and client preferred approach. Depending on the location of a debtor the system prints demand letters taking into consideration the applicable national legislation on late payments.

Financial Precision: real time interest and exchange rate calculations: exchange rate and interest fluctuations taken into account by its real time connection to The printed numbers on all our letters are based on daily interest calculations, total incurred costs, or any further late payment fees.

High Volume: ability to process of over 10.000 claims per day: we help banks processing of huge volumes of claims and the starting up of international debt collection procedure. Clients can assign us their files or even upload and initiate collection proceedings themselves.

Data Security: the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all our data administration through Salesforce © top notch security servers. Click here for more information.

Online Payment Options: we lower payment barriers to debtors by offering various forms of payment methods as provided for by latest developments in payment technologies. We have now for example integrated Bitcoin as our latest payment option.

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