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Modern Debt international provides international debt collection services to the hospitality sector. Our service range from the sending of dunning letters in over 25 languages, debt mediation, as well as credit & risk assessments of hotels and management companies. Our clients value our expertise and longstanding experience in the sector worldwide.

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Business Meeting


Find out why we have specialized for the hospitality sector

For many years Modern Debt International has been the trusted and valued collections partner for Online Travel Agents (OTAs). Our entire procedural infrastructure is based on the collection of e.g. overdue commissions invoices and outstanding balances from hotels and other companies in the hospitality sector all around the world. We know the delinquents, and they know us!

Find out more about our collections procedure and how we operate

We have developed a tailored collections procedure to service the hospitality sector. We are sending up to 4 dunning letters ready-made in over 35 languages by email, fax, and postal service. As we have a large database of over 250.000 hotels with contact data of hotel finance departments we can operate very effectively and reach the right people responsible for payment

Improve cash flow by leaving entire receivables management up to us

As it is commonplace for OTAs being confronted with high volume of low amount outstanding, some of our clients have decided to outsource their entire accounts receivable management to Modern Debt. We have the IT infrastructure in place to process their invoices efficiently thereby considerably increasing our clients' monthly cash flows and  due to our automation saving them a lot of FTE.

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