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International Debt Collection

What are the most important reasons why our clients let us collect their outstanding debts:

  • MOST IMPORTANT: No Cure No Pay! Prevent high lawyer fees, and only pay for our service when we successfully recover your debt.

  • Preservation customer relationship. Show some professionalism and convey to your customers you are serious about timely payments by assigning a collections first; leaving room for re-establishing business relationship by not going to a law firm directly.

  • Third party involvement: if a debt conflict is in deadlock, a neutral party can be very constructive to break it open. Due to emotional involvement negotiations can get stuck.

  • Efficiency: save time and frustration on in-house collections. Running an in-house collections department can be very time-consuming and costly. There is always the risk customers not taking their debts seriously enough after the another call from the office clerk.

  • Cost-saving: no time-consuming and costly legal enforcement proceedings. The global average on is 2,5 years without any guarantees on a successful outcome. Our amicable collection processes takes up to a guaranteed maximum of 3 months. You only pay us when we actually collect your debts, i.e. free of risk.

  • We send all our letters in debtor language (> 25 languages)
    Our standard dunning letters (4 in total) are optimized throughout the years. When confronted with a debt in own language a debtor is inclined to take it more serious. 

  • We are not only raising pressure by tone and by adding several late payment charges, but we are mostly trying to lower barriers for payment. We actively seek to mediate where necessary and can keep room for negotiation.

  • We will always try mediation and offer repayment in term payments. Therewith also providing a service to organizations experiencing payment difficulties. we attempt to maintain a neat balance between pressure and a the providing a service for indebted organization

  • Avoid administrative burden on foreign lawyers/Courts. We do not require abundant official documents (notary, official translations etc.) in order to start a collections procedure.

  • Flexibility to intervene in collection proceedings. You can track all our activities online, and at any time request specific action or change of approach.

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